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Causes of the Civil War

Having rarely trusted women with much responsibility before, many men were anxious at the prospect of their wives taking charge in their absence. Yet women seized the opportunity, often taking on complete control of farms and households. Perhaps most staggeringly, some women even dressed as men and took to the battlefield under assumed names. So much of the Civil War is personal: aside from the military accounts and largely propaganda-free journalism of the time, a good deal of information comes from diaries and is therefore varnished with personal experience and sentimentalism.

This can often lead to bold fictions, but the story of Wilmer McLean, one almost too coincidental to be believed, is fact.

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Three-and-a-half years later Robert E Lee and his Confederate Army were surrounded, leading the general to finally, and reluctantly, discuss terms of surrender with his opposite number, Ulysses S Grant. A suitable venue in the nearby village of Appomattox Courthouse was sought for the discussion to take place and the home of one Wilmer McLean was settled upon.

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While researching my novel I stumbled across a fable about a strange female giant named Dzoonokwa. She would sometimes be portrayed as helpful and kindly, offering gifts to people who crossed her path in the woods. Yet the majority of fictions surrounding her make her out to be a ghastly monster — her face depicted in a grotesque purse of the lips with wild, knotted hair.

Even darker, it was said she killed children and encouraged war. While the tale is not explicitly linked to the Civil War, America was a melting pot of superstition in the 19th century with German, Irish, African and Native American folklores all brought together and interweaving. Fact and fiction blends nowhere more so in war than in propaganda.

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With the minimum age of enlistment for both the Union and Confederacy set at 18, stories were told about children who lied about their age to take up the fight. It is a fact that, such was the call to arms, that children under 18 tried to join up, sometimes succeeding when abetted by the blind eye of an officer.

Silent Thunder: A Civil War Story

Fictions were soon spun though, puffing out the details to make inspiring war stories. One such story is that of John Clem: supposedly aged nine when he tried to enlist, Clem went on to become a drummer boy for the Union and is said to have shot a Confederate colonel dead. April 12, at am. Union Army artillery at the battle of Fredericksburg, A Union Army hospital tent on the battlefield at Gettysburg, July An injured man lies on a table while the surgeon stands nearby with a knife.

American Civil War in 10 Minutes

An illustration depicting the Confederate attack on the Union garrison at Fort Pillow on 12 April Here, McLean and his family are seen sitting on the porch. General ancient history. AC Grayling on the history of philosophy. Subscribe Now. Book now. More on: Abraham Lincoln Learn more about this subject. I decided to focus on the Civil War for several reasons.

Besides the fact that I want to learn more myself remember this site is just an excuse to indulge my hobby , here are some of those reasons:. Are you excited to read some stories yet?

I hope so, because I plan on doing my best to tell them. Check out my new book of American Civil War Stories! Read More. Here brave men struggled and died for the right as God gave them to see the right. Stevenson I. Comments Have your say about what you just read!

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Recent Articles. Civil War Heroes. Civil War Battles. Civil War Women. Civil War Flags. Civil War Spies. Civil War Inventions.

A Civil War Story A Civil War Story
A Civil War Story A Civil War Story
A Civil War Story A Civil War Story
A Civil War Story A Civil War Story
A Civil War Story A Civil War Story
A Civil War Story A Civil War Story

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