Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition)

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The nominee then proposes a list of ministers to the president, who generally rubber stamps it. The resulting cabinet is referred to as il consiglio dei ministri-hence the premier's official title, presidente del consiglio il primo ministro and il premier are common informal alternatives.

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Although he is head of the governing coalition, the prime minister does not have to be the head of the largest party in the coalition, or for that matter a member of any party. Outgoing Giuliano Amato, elected prime minister in April , is a prime example; he became a party-less "technocrat" after breaking with the disgraced Italian Socialist party Psi in the wake of the Tangentopoli scandal of Although recognized as the head of government, the prime minister's legal status, as defined by the Constitution, is simply that of a government minister; thus he is often referred to as a primus inter pares first among equals.

Berlusconi and his ministers were sworn in by President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi on June 12, a month after they won the May 13 election. Rutelli, the year-old former mayor of Rome, got his first taste of political power at the age of 26, when he became national secretary of the Italian Radical Party. Since then, he has always made sure-rather too cynically say his critics-that he is at the right place at the right time, even if this has involved shifting his political loyalties as he did when he left the Radicali to join the Verdi [Greens] in First elected to parliament in , he reclaimed his seat in and He was minister for a day in Carlo Azeglio Ciampi's legislature, resigning with the other centre-left ministers to protest the parliament's decision to confirm former socialist prime minister Bettino Craxi's immunity from prosecution for his involvement in the Tangentopoli scandal.

La Civiltà Cattolica

Craxi died last year in self-imposed exile in Tunisia. Elected mayor sindaco, with the accent on the first syllable of Rome in , Rutelli embarked on a policy of realpolitik that angered some of those who had supported the city's first sindaco verde.

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Many of his supporters also expressed disappointment with his decision to abandon the motorino motor scooter on which he used to buzz about the city in favor of a macchina blu "blue car," or VIP limousine , one of the many perks to which, it seems, all Italian elected officials are entitled. His ability to create a political synergy between city hall and the national government has helped Rome secure funding to make it work-and look-a lot better than before.

The centre-left's October nomination of Rutelli as its candidate in the general elections surprised nobody, least of all Rutelli's wife, journalist Barbara Palombelli, who had been grooming herself to be first lady for some time. During the campaign, Berlusconi refused to consent to a TV debate with upstart Rutelli, saying that his true interlocutor and the true spokesman of the Left was former prime minister Massimo D'Alema.

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Rutelli was replaced as mayor of Rome, after a very close runoff, by former Ds Democratici di sinistra party secretary Walter Veltroni. Forza Italia a centre-right party built from the ground up in the two months prior to the general election of March The party's name, "Go for it, Italy", is meant to play well with its soccer-fan supporters. The Italian parliament is divided into two houses. The lower house, the Camera dei deputati, has elected members, so the absolute majority is Members of the Camera must be at least 25 years old and are referred to as deputati [sing.

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The Italian upper house, il Senato, has seats, twice as many as the Chamber of Deputies, so the absolute majority is There are also five honourary senators for life, and former presidents of the Republic are entitled to a seat. Senators, who must be over 40, are referred to as senatori [sing.

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One peculiarity of the Italian system is that both houses have exactly the same powers and functions. Legislation can originate in either house and must then be approved verbatim by the other before it becomes law. If there are any amendments, a bill is sent back to its chamber of origin for reapproval, thereby prolonging its journey or "itinerary" towards passage a process known by the Latin term iter. Elections to both houses take place at the same time, every five years-or sooner, if the Italian president deems it necessary to dissolve the legislature sciogliere le camere before the end of its natural life.

It is important to note that, in Italy, the fall of a government need not precipitate the end of a legislature. When a coalition collapses-a common scenario in the precarious world of Italian politics, where splinter parties elected as part of one coalition can switch allegiance at any moment-a reshuffle and a round of cross-party bargaining is usually all that is needed to get a majority government up and running again.

There have been 57 different governments since , more than one each year, but only 13 elected legislatures.

“Decide 4 your school”: how Italian students improve their school through participatory budgeting

Ed era stato lo stesso Berlusconi a partire per primo and it was Berlusconi himself who got his campaign underway first. Alleanza nazionale Italian political party created in from the ashes of the openly Fascist Movimento sociale italiano Msi; its adherents were known as missini by New Right leader Gianfranco Fini. Lega nord the Lega nord, or Northern League, an Italian political party whose original aim was the political and economic independence of Northern Italy. In a world characterised by the growing conflation of politics and communication, where democracies are experimenting deep changes and facing challenging innovations, the interest towards political communication is globally growing.

The implication on the paradigms and the scientific research agenda, as well as on the various disciplines, have been far-reaching. Therefore, it is necessary to gain a better grasp not only of the theories on politics and communication, but also of the rooted systemic relationships on such theoretical and methodological perspectives. We would encourage contributors to use the idea of crisis and pop democracy to reflect on challenges facing media and political communication research. These include but are not limited to :. Proposals should be sent by 31 August to convegno compol.

Notification of abstract acceptance: 15 October Full papers must be sent by 30 November to convegno compol. Per informazioni: segreteria itanes. On December 4, , a referendum will be held in Italy on the most important reform of the Constitution since The objective of the competition is to promote preregistration of research designs prior to conducting a study. Three awards are available.

To take part in the competition, scholars must design papers using data from the ITANES referendum questionnaire which is available here , before data are publicly released. Participants must be university faculty or graduate students in any discipline. They must explain exactly how they will be coded and analyzed to test the proposed hypotheses. A preregistration template is available here.

La tirannia fiscale (Italian Edition)

The inclusion of ITANES data that has not been released at the time of registration is a necessary condition for participating in the competition, but other data sources can be used in the analysis. Participants must list these other data sources in their preregistered designs. For Preregistration : By

Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition) Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition)
Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition) Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition)
Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition) Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition)
Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition) Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition)
Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition) Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition)
Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition) Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition)
Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition) Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition)
Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition) Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition)
Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition) Contro la democrazia (Italian Edition)

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