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Winterbourne would arrive. If, however, he determined to wait a little before reminding Miss Miller of his claims to her consideration, he went very soon to call upon two or three other friends. One of these friends was an American lady who had spent several winters at Geneva, where she had placed her children at school.

Henry James

She was a very accomplished woman, and she lived in the Via Gregoriana. Winterbourne found her in a little crimson drawing-room on a third floor; the room was filled with southern sunshine. An instant later his pretty sister crossed the threshold; and then, after a considerable interval, Mrs. Miller slowly advanced.

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Winterbourne turned with a protesting smile to her mother; but this lady evaded his glance, and, seating herself, fixed her eyes upon her son. Miller turned uneasily in her chair. Daisy had entered upon a lively conversation with her hostess; Winterbourne judged it becoming to address a few words to her mother. This announcement, instead of embarrassing Mrs. Miller, seemed to relieve her. Oh, at Schenectady he stands first; they think everything of him.

He said he never saw anything like my dyspepsia, but he was bound to cure it. He was just going to try something new when we came off. Miller wanted Daisy to see Europe for herself. But I wrote to Mr. It affects my sleep. Winterbourne had a good deal of pathological gossip with Dr. The young man asked Mrs. Miller how she was pleased with Rome. We had been led to expect something different.

Randolph had a good time on the City of Richmond. Miller, with a little laugh. Winterbourne expressed the hope that her daughter at least found some gratification in Rome, and she declared that Daisy was quite carried away.

Daisy Miller

She goes round everywhere; she has made a great number of acquaintances. Of course she goes round more than I do. I must say they have been very sociable; they have taken her right in. And then she knows a great many gentlemen.

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By this time Daisy had turned her attention again to Winterbourne. Walker how mean you were!

Walker, in the tone of a partisan of Winterbourne. Walker, I want to tell you something. Walker, turning with a smile to Mrs. Walker was silent a moment; she gave a rapid glance at Winterbourne. He knows plenty of Italians, but he wants to know some Americans.

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  • He thinks ever so much of Americans. It was settled that this brilliant personage should be brought to Mrs. Walking around outside with a gentleman with no chaperone? Nowadays, no one would blink an eye at that. I will say I was shocked at what becomes of Miss Miller and her free-wheeling ways. Definitely was worth the read, and it made me appreciate the many sections in "Texts from Jane Eyre" about this character!

    Daisy Miller is a page book that is deceivingly full of ideas that will leave the reader pondering it for a long time. Henry James wrote many stories that brought the question of class, mores', manners and etiquette. Worlds where men have every freedom and women that have few. James styles a vivacious curious young American heiress and places her into the stuffy class centric world of the established European aristocracy.

    While men find Daisy refreshing, eccentric, and dangerous, women find her bold, gauche and quite unacceptable. A point that more or less points to their fears. Daisy herself is curious about the world and doesn't want to miss a single experience due to someone else's sense of propriety. It's a wonderful collision of values in just pages! Verified Purchase. It succeeds though mainly in terms of atmosphere, as a tragic romance. What I love is how the author idolises women and presents them as encapsulating the spirit of their time.

    James's formula is based on challenging, liberal, and unattainable women who present an enigma to their starchy suitors. Love is never more than an emotion, never consummated, and the protagonists live wasted lives in the grip of illusions. His women are strong, carefree Goddesses perched on pedestals. This is a very nice annotated edition. I read this during a trip to the grand hotels along the Lake Geneva waterfront in Vevey and Montreux, Switzerland, where Henry James set this work. He is an exquisite portraitist, able to conjure up just the right collection of details, internal and external, to make the characters come alive, even though the world of manners, money, and rigid sexual morals has since become almost unrecognizable.

    The cruelty of social condemnation, especially of those trying to make it into the circle of the accepted wealthy, the urge to marry and marry well, has been the theme of so many works that it's amazing there is anything much at all original left to say. But James repeatedly surprises in this arena. One person found this helpful.

    Now that I have read a handful of Henry James tomes I am beginning to believe that he is not the author for me. He writes well, and the story is interesting, but I am just getting tired of never having a satisfying ending to one of his stories. Perhaps he took a perverse pleasure in twists and turns of plot, especially at the end. If you want the standard formulaic happy ending, Henry James is not your author.

    Daisy Miller Summary & Study Guide

    I dont have a problem with an unexpected ending, but I get tired of never feeling satisfied by the "turn" of the story. Just my 2 cents. I'm not saying I will never read another Henry James novel, but probably not for a long time. While I don't feel this work represents James at his best or maybe it just doesn't resonate very well with my particular tastes , some people like it a great deal. And I don't really feel as if I can explain why it leaves me a bit cold.

    So I'm going to just review the Kindle version of this book. Many free Kindle classes feature problematic formatting -- errors of various types that tend to reflect the volunteer nature of the groups bringing these editions together. I'm not complaining -- I'd rather read a free book than pay for one even if I do have to endure a couple of typos. This edition, however, is very well done. The only thing for you to figure out is if you're likely to enjoy this or not and there are a few dozen reviews already existing that will help you figure that out.

    As it developed. Reading this for a class, I at first found the story a bit boring. As it developed, though, I began to really enjoy the author's writing style. He is Henry James, after all. Modern readers will find little excitement and not much going on, but for a simple novella it was a wonderful piece that briefly explores the difference between American and European courtship of that era. There are customer reviews and customer ratings. See all customer reviews.

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