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He asked me to stop.

I complied. He spoke to me about what was going to happen next in terms of the law.

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I smiled throughout. The more I did, the slower his talking became. The slower his talking became, the more he listened until eventually he just stood there listening to every powerful word I threw at him. I saw his arms reach up to his chest and commanded him to drop his arms to his side. He complied.

He sway where he stood. Passers by paid no mind as he absorbed all I had to say.

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I revelled in watching his eyes lose focus as he listened…. Soon, I knew I had him. His mouth was agape and drooling as I instructed him to take me home. He did so. At my house, I further conditioned him. As morning arose, I suggested that he phone in sick to the station and relax with me. He hesitated. Just enough. He slightly broke free of me and began questioning where he was. I was prepared. I speedily placed headphones on him and began blasting out my hypnotic Melody from my mp3.

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His juddered. His body shook as the melody blasted out any resistance. He complied and phone in sick. Lost in the gentle heat of the sun and the mind altering melodic tune of hypnosis. His cock so erect that I had to resist temptation to suck him off there and then. Not yet. It was too soon. It was some hours later when I stepped outside to find him. Drool had dried down the side of his face as his eyes slowly opened.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

He looked at me with mindless lust. Now, I have him. I obey Master. He has been a writer for more than a decade.

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He lives in Memphis, TN, with his current long time boyfriend and still entertains a fulfilling friendship with his ex-husband and writing partner of 13 years, Jim Vyron. John enjoys a comfortable life with his cats, his motorcycle, and his friends. He likes long road trips on his Harley RoadMaster which he has restored himself with the help of his ex-husband.

He listens to Jazz, classic biker rock, and new age contemporary instrumental. About Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above. Adult Erotica. Sam is a cop, an extremely well endowed cop. The only thing missing is someone to fill the needs of his heart. Jerry, is a young man who has never known what is a real home.

Foster-care leaves a lot to be desired in terms of a loving and nurturing environment. Fate make them meet unexpectedly They say home is where the heart is. Home is something that we all take for granted; that is, until we don't have one to call our own. Sam is a cop, an extremely well endowed cop; he loves his job, and he is very good at it.

Good Cock/Bad Cop Good Cock/Bad Cop
Good Cock/Bad Cop Good Cock/Bad Cop
Good Cock/Bad Cop Good Cock/Bad Cop
Good Cock/Bad Cop Good Cock/Bad Cop
Good Cock/Bad Cop Good Cock/Bad Cop
Good Cock/Bad Cop Good Cock/Bad Cop
Good Cock/Bad Cop Good Cock/Bad Cop
Good Cock/Bad Cop Good Cock/Bad Cop

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