Hogwash & Hooey - Tales of the Ridiculous

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Is there one standard way? Literally How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts.

Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice? Test your knowledge of these commonly confused words! Can you spell these 10 commonly misspelled words? Do you know the person or title these quotes describe?

BLFC 2018 - Dance Competition - Hogwash

Login or Register. Would unintelligible nonsense be redundant? If one speaks cryptically, does that mean that the expression of information is so abrupt and abbreviated that much of the meaning is lost. But if one encrypts their message, then the content is unintelligible BS to any but those able to unencrypt the message. I think I must leave this exercise, lest my communications be distorted, warped, or misunderstood. All references using the word Dutch have their roots in history of tensions between the Dutch and the English as far back as sea battles with cannon balls and perhaps even further.

Usage: bunch of hooey, load of hooey. My mom uses this one a lot, e. I enjoy speaking in Non-Sequiter. Stop making those embarrassing mistakes! Subscribe to Daily Writing Tips today!

What is another word for Flimflam?

You will improve your English in only 5 minutes per day, guaranteed! There was so much to share on that lucky journey. Wright apparently took eleven hat-tricks in his cricket lifetime. The advice from the Englishman, who by the way had a long run up and spread his arms like wings just before his last stride of the delivery, was to bowl the third ball of the hat-trick fast and on the stumps. I am so lucky to have known him and he gave me a stumping in one of his Golden Oldies overs. I am sad he has gone but memory eases the pain a little. This is a little story about a university group.

It is a tale of adversity, determination and, in many cases, ultimate triumph. The students who joined that group had experienced life the hard way. Some had been floored by drugs, there were several divorcees with children, one candidate had MS and used to talk to me each week about how his friends were getting weaker and sometimes dying; I have a beautiful painted shell given to me by one of several indigenous members of the group, and there was a blind student who typed her answers deliberately without using brail. Gateway was a program, funded by the Federal Labor government in , at the University of Wollongong.

This so-called equity scheme was a one-semester course for non-matriculated students to give them a chance to enter university. There was an English component, a mathematics component, and introductions to various aspects of university life, such as the library and the student union. As for English, we taught them that when you speak, you write on air, but when you write for formal occasions such as essays or examinations, it stays there for everyone to see and judge. We focused on the university essay and ways to make it good. We discussed especially the power of the sentence as a package of meaning; faulty package: damaged meaning.

We explained that every essay, whether it is an assignment or an exam question, ALWAYS has two components: the topic words, which tell you what to write about, and the directives, that tell you how to write about it. So, for Compare and contrast Sydney and Melbourne as modern cities , the topic words are Sydney and Melbourne , and the directive is compare and contrast as modern cities.

  1. Modern Industrialism and the Negroes of the United States.
  2. Black Sacred Rhetoric.
  3. A Word On The Yellow Press.

To succeed here, you must talk about both cities; you must both compare and contrast them and not merely describe them; you must also discuss them as modern cities, not necessarily as football teams. There is another essential. To do well you must have worked hard and know a lot about the two cities.

The point though was that a fountain of knowledge sabotaged by irrelevance or incompleteness leads to at least disappointment, if not failure. Naturally spelling, grammar, style and narrative structure were among the outcomes of the weekly marking and post mortem discussions. Candidates were given a word essay to write each week. It was marked and returned to them in the next lesson a week away. There was always a post mortem session on strengths and weaknesses before the next lesson started.

Words in excess of were penalised. Too many, and the essay was marked but with a zero score. They were all informed of Blaise Pascal et al. We worked through some of the commonest university tasks: description, analysis by resolution of controversy, analysis through definition or clarification, analysis through interpretation, the writing of technical reports and individual creative responses. We learnt the best way: with quick feedback from our mistakes. Everyone had to give a speech before the class group a terrifying task for some and we nurtured each other through that and every other ordeal.

It was good for me as the teacher too. To teach is to learn something twice. Now I want to talk about a few people I remember specially. No names, as we have such respect for each other, and they seem to be sitting beside me now, although it is part of two decades ago. In one of the night classes, a man and a woman were sitting at the back of the room. I was a student of Professor Wilkes, at Sydney University. He had spent much of his life getting rid of Latin and Greek endings in English.

19 Old-Timey Ways to Call B.S.

I brought them my Collins Dictionary, which Professor Wilkes edited, and there was my version too. But I agreed with them that their version was easier to say. The male student is a lawyer now. It was a very big contest, run for law students around the world. He won the final in Scotland. The woman who waved the dictionary was an expectant mother. The baby joined us about a week after the Gateway course finished, and I had the delight of giving a present to a beautiful baby girl. Her mother was a brilliant student, went on to an honours degree and a position at the university. On another occasion, I was spoken to on the telephone by the daughter of a potential student, who was seeking admission to the program for her mother.

It turned out that both the mother and father were involved in a bus disaster some time previously in Queensland. Both were unconscious for a long time and both eventually survived. Recovering, they returned to Wollongong and were getting on with their usual life when the father dropped dead at the family home. The daughters wanted a remedy for the empty sadness. We admitted the mother to the course.

I could hear the screams of joy from her daughters in the background when I rang to tell them. That student walked with the aid of a walking stick. I remember her delightful, meticulous, small handwriting, and her willingness to discard her former ways and try something new. This course is dangerous to your preconceptions.

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  • The vision I remember most, however, of that particular brave person is her long walk to the stage on Graduation night, without her walking stick, in a beautiful, sparkling, black dress that contrasted with her neatly arranged, white hair. She entered university and studied with one of her daughters. On another memorable occasion we had a call from the Secretary of the Steelers Rugby League Club, seeking a place for one of his young players.

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    The young man was qualified to enter the course, so in he came. He did the course, but was a star second-rower in First Grade for many seasons, with no time for university.

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    • Perhaps he could have used his entry qualifications later in life. I remember too, a brave and diligent divorced mother with children who was badly treated by a recalcitrant ex-spouse. She dreamed of becoming a family lawyer. She became one. We had a very popular leader of a musical group, suddenly dreaming of becoming an academic.

      Through Gateway, he gained university entry and an Honours degree in Creative Arts. He went on to his PhD thesis. When he passed away two years ago, I lost a true friend. I am not sure I can explain the success of this group. In the six years I taught in the program, I could feel a sense of their bonding, their support for each other in a common cause. It is something that is hard for teachers to create, and even harder to define.

      The Gateway group was the most successful of any identifiable undergraduate group in the University. Changes came, with lack of funding from the Federal Government, but I was gone then and the struggle belonged to somebody else.

      Hogwash & Hooey - Tales of the Ridiculous Hogwash & Hooey - Tales of the Ridiculous
      Hogwash & Hooey - Tales of the Ridiculous Hogwash & Hooey - Tales of the Ridiculous
      Hogwash & Hooey - Tales of the Ridiculous Hogwash & Hooey - Tales of the Ridiculous
      Hogwash & Hooey - Tales of the Ridiculous Hogwash & Hooey - Tales of the Ridiculous
      Hogwash & Hooey - Tales of the Ridiculous Hogwash & Hooey - Tales of the Ridiculous
      Hogwash & Hooey - Tales of the Ridiculous Hogwash & Hooey - Tales of the Ridiculous

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