Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition)

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Please help to email me so that I can forward the details of their tickets for cancellation and refund. I've been using Ryanair for years and so far have had nothing but a few late takeoffs or landings. Their's business like and very professional. They didn't get to be that big without doing a lot right. The low life, otherwise known as Michael O'Leary, has more or less abandoned Girona. There is nothing from Manchester, Leeds, Doncaster and very little from East Midlands or Liverpool and there is very little into Barcelona.

Eh I think you are both giving yourselves bad names people, why not take the bad talk somewhere else, and leave this site free for people who want to use it for the correct reasons?? PS Happy holiday This timetable is not maintained.

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Check operator site directly. How about adding Arrival and Departure information, preferable live info so we poor buggers can pick-up people arriving on time and see any departure delays.

Would be much appriciated, thanks. Ryanair isn't the cheapest and last but not least a reputable company. I would love to get hold of the idiot who has written this review. Come and see me sunshine, you wouldn't last 5 mins. No wonder the Spanish hate the English If we had a choice or when we do Ryanair would not even rate when considering a flight.

Go City Jet and you others get busy, please.

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Why can't I simply come to this website and see if a flight has taken off or if it is delayed? I keep being re-directed to "flightstats" which is useless!! Hi, Why don't you recommend to take a taxi from Girona Airport to Blanes? I have to wait for the next flight that is leaving in the morning. Is the airport open the whole night? I've been using Solmar at Gerona airport for nearly 7 years and would not think of changing. Always get a new clean car. Staff at Gerona Airport are always very friendly and helpful.

Highly recommended by a frequent traveller to Spain.

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The car from Solmar windscreen wipers were so badly worn that at one stage we had to pull over as we were unable to see where we were travelling. We had a flat tyre and was completely shocked when I removed it to find that the inner area of the tyre was so badly worn that there was wire and canvas showing. When checking the other front tyre we find it in the same condition.

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Doesn't seem to be a straight forawrd way to find out when a flight is due to arrive. At the risk of sounding like a bigoted Brit, it somehow doesn't surprise me that a Spanish airport website doesn't come up with the goods. I suspect they have a different way of thinking! PS I agree with In Dublin. Why do forums always bring out so much venom from contributors? It has become a wonderful modern airport. It is so sad that it has lost now ryanairs priority. BCN is ok but not suitable for Costa Brava travellers visiting the north.

This site is full of redundant information. You cant even see from which terminal the aircrafts are departing. This site is useless I also wanted to find out which cities I an fly to from Barcelona and I get a list of 10 places and no options to find other cities. Whoever they paid to build this should refund the money. I suggest to make a list of all flight destinations with flight number und depature time. Thank s. Yoo Hoo, anybody there? I guess not.

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If the authorities of this airport don't even care enough to give minimal feedback on this more than two months later, I take it they just don't want to be bothered with us paying passengers. As far as they are concerned, we can just go to hell, which is probably where we would have ended up anyway. If the airport is as disorganized and improvised as this web site is, going through it will be a horror story. I can tell you about it later. To be continued.

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On my recent trip to Spain i hired a fiesta from Gold car. The petrol cap was a different colour to the rest of the car and the ford badge was missing from the back! That was the outside the windows were filthy inside and out and the car was scruffy throughout. There was a 70 euro charge for petrol the tank only held about 40 euros.

Then they had the cheek to ask to upgrade the insurance. Girona counts as one of Barcelona's airports in the way that Gatwick, Stanstead and Luton do for London. Paste the below web address into your browser.


I am trying to find information on bus or train transfers to Cambrils or Miami Platja from Reus airport but can only see information to Barcelona. Can you advise if there is any transport links apart from Taxis to these destinations from Reus Airport please? Many thanks in advance, Paula Elliott. In case this can help out someone: air canada flights do leave from terminal 1. Goldcar provided a Ford Focus in shocking condition to a degree that we wondered if it was legal - missing reversing light cover, bumps and scrapes all over the vehicle.

There was an 8 Euro a day charge as we were travelling just over the border into France but the real insult, and to cap it off, they charged me 95 Euro's for a tank of fuel - that is beyond a rip off and not acceptable.

As regular travellers to Gerona I guarantee Goldcar will not be used by this family again. My advice is to steer well clear of this company. Thanks for this information, it will help many of us out that did not know this fact. Our tickets do say that this portion of trip is operated by Lufthansa so we probably would have figured it out. I csnnot believe that the authorities at Girona Airport and Rysnair cant come to an agreement to keep the serice going between UK and Girona. Surely the Catalane authroities realise a lot of Spaniards will loose their jobs dont they want jobs in Spain!

Girona Airport has had a large building programme over the last 4 to 5 years what a waste!!! If they loose Ryanair the Airport will be moth-balled. In this economic era how can the Spanish Authorities be so arrogant, what other airline are they going to get to suport the airport?? I hope we dont come to their aid when they go the same way as Greece? This transport service between the 2 airports you say is 12 euro per person each way but when i do the application is says 85 euro so which is correct or am i doing it wrong.

Hello, I need to rent a car for some days. Regards Mr. Whether they, Moncler Jackets , came up with , Louis Vuitton ,the idea themselves, Coach Outlet ,or you put them , Chanel Bags ,in a situation, Moncler Jackets , that caused them to do something unusual, Coach Factory Store , we want to hear about it, Moncler Jackets! Girona Airport the fastest shrinking Airport in Europe. Girona Airport is becoming the fastest shrinking airport in Europe having held the opposite title of the fastest growing airport up to a year ago.

It appears that the Catalan Goverment do not have control over their airports as central goverment in Madrid blocked the payment of subsides to Ryanair and is rumored to have given the money to a failing Spanish airline that does not even fly to the UK and other Eurpoean destinations the result will be the end of operations in Girona for Ryanair on 1st November to all important destinations. The effect of that has already been seen this summer as Ryanair wind down operations with less than full Bars, Resturants and Shops, not mention no problems finding a parking space in major centres.

Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition) Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition)
Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition) Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition)
Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition) Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition)
Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition) Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition)
Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition) Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition)
Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition) Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition)
Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition) Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition)
Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition) Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition)
Istanbul. En un cap de setmana (Catalan Edition)

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