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Hooded Justice

How is it possibly Christmas? It was snowing in the finale of season one, when Archie punched his way through ice to save Cheryl from drowning in Sweetwater River. Considering the season two premiere picked up exactly where that episode left off, either just one month has passed in nine episodes or an entire year. I honestly couldn't tell you which is true. Let's pretend it began snowing in November and that's being generous —did it all of a sudden get warm enough to wear booty shorts to drag races , only for the mercury to plummet again just a few episodes later? This is the true Riverdale mystery.

But it's not only a Christmas episode, but the midseason finale, which means it's finally time to unmask the Black Hood, and I'm pissed off. Riverdale being Riverdale, a lot happened in just 42 minutes, so let's take it character by character:. During the world's most uncomfortable Secret Santa exchange between a group of exes, V notices some more-than-friendly giggles exchanged between Betty and Archie. Sure Varchie is broken up, but she's not over him, you know? America's healthcare system is jacked, even in Riverdale. This is my kind of teen logic.

Shockingly not , Daddy says no and V has to improvise. While searching through Hiram's office, she discovers the deed to Pop's diner, which Hiram specifically promised he hadn't purchased. So V throws a bit of a tantrum, steals Hermione's American Excess card, and pays off Fred's bills herself. Long story short, Hermione has fraud protection and the Lodge family need to have a chat.

It's finally time Veronica knows what goes on at Lodge Industries and she agrees to play along with their plans if Fred can keep the money. Win win win. Cheryl may not have much to do in this episode, but steals the show, as usual. We learn that the Blossoms are broke, but that won't stop Cheryl from nabbing the best tree in town.

When Penelope confronts her over the extravagance, we get the best exchange:. A WHAT? B Nana Rose is back from her unexplained absence, guys!

Riverdale Season 2: Is Hal the Black Hood? And who will he kill next? | Metro News

That will be important later. For now, it looks like Penelope may have taken Cheryl's advice—later, the youngest Blossom walks in on her mother making out with some guy dressed as Santa. Love a good Christmas gag. I'm going to keep this section brief, because it's basically just filled with a bunch of arguments between Jughead and FP over their snake charmer problem.

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FP is wrangling the Serpents to help run Penny's drugs, while relegating Jug to the gang's Christmas charity works. Never one to be tossed to the side, Juggie enlists the young Serpents to take action. They kidnap Penny Peabody and bring her to Greendale. They full-on throw a sack over this woman's head to drive her across town.

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I think she'll know how to get back. Unnecessary security measure aside, this is the first time I've actually seen Jughead as a full-on gang member, and it's frightening. When Peabody points out that her Serpent tattoo makes her untouchable, Jughead responds, "It's time you learned that tattoo doesn't make you a Serpent.

The Little Black Dress gets its own exhibition in 2020

FP is pissed for good reason. And now there's really no going back for Jughead.

SLANIA - Little Black Riding Hood (Official Video)

Maybe Betty is better off with Archie. Speaking of Archie and Betty, the pair set off on another mission when they notice the friendly neighborhood janitor has been replaced by some other middle-aged white man. Following last week's discovery that Mr. Svenson or Joseph Conway identified his family's murderer and had him killed by a group of townies, Archie is worried that he might be the Black Hood's latest victim.

Those suspicions are confirmed when Betty receives a package from the Black Hood containing a severed finger that Alice was all too happy to place in her room despite, you know, the serial killer with a penchant for leaving anonymous letters.

'Riverdale' fans finally know who the real Black Hood is and the truth is bonkers

But with Hal supposedly dead, how will he be returning to the show? Very good script… WOW!!!

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