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Is it perfect? By January , less than 8 percent of children in care were living in an institution and of those who remained there, many have complex medical needs. Economic Development.

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Social Services. CT Viewpoints. Show your love for great stories and out standing journalism Monthly Yearly. Washington November 10, How Pence meddled in foreign aid, rerouting money to favored Christian groups Officials at USAID warned that favoring Christian groups in Iraq could be unconstitutional and inflame religious tensions.

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As plastic straw ban effort persists, advocates for disabled community fight to be heard. Still no state child care rating system, parents left guessing. Reduced state workforce is impacting education, other services. They love public financing.

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The oversight, not as much. Hospital tax poses huge challenge for first Lamont budget. Linda Orange to quit House for cancer treatment.

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Feds likely to approve of Raytheon, UTC deal. Phaneuf Is a second public hearing needed to analyze the ethics missteps of the Connecticut Port Authority, or is it time to move on? The news delivered to your inbox — daily. It is necessary to place the material liner-side down so that your machine can cut your design and leave the liner intact.

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For this reason, you need to mirror your design in Design Space before cutting. Otherwise, your design will appear backward on your base material especially important if your design includes text. Important: You must turn Mirror on for each mat individually. At this time, it is not possible to mirror images on all mats at once. How to mirror the mats in Design Space?

Click on a platform below to view step by step instructions. Select a mat, then turn Mirror on to flip your design. Remember to use Mirror on each mat that includes designs intended for iron-on application.

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Select "Continue" to complete your cut. If you forget to mirror your mats in Project Preview, the software will remind you when you select any type of iron-on material from the list of material settings.

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