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She asked one of her female patients, a vulnerabel, single mum if she had any contacts who could help her kill Terry. Cynthia threatened to send the young woman back to prison if she didn't get in touch with her contacts in the Mexican cartels to carry out the murder. Terrified, the woman called police immediately, who fitted her with a wire and snuck into the building to listen to the therapy session. Cynthia had prepared a file contact photos of her ex-husband, the lay-out of the ome they had shared and where Terry still lived and his daily routine.

One officer said: "You're still trying to wrap your mind around this is a professional therapist that is doing this. The patient agrees to call her cousin, Frankie, who she claims has links to the Mexican criminal underworld and who will be able to carry out the hit.

Suing The Person Your Ex-Spouse Cheated On You With Is Deeply Unchill

Then it's up to an undercover agent to convince Cynthia that he really is cousin Frankie and a hitman. The bitter ex-wife believes him and arranges to meet - and now police have to give Terry the bombshell news that his life is in danger and his wife wants him dead. He said: "It was shock, terror, disbelief - everything in one.

At that point, he wanted to make sure that I disappear and checked into a hotel. I was scared what might be hiding behind the next corner.

My Wife's Revenge 2019 - Lifetime Movies Based On A True Story 2019

Next, Cynthia arranged a meeting with cousin Frankie - she had no idea he was an undercover agent. In a chilling conversation, recorded on a dash camera, Cynthia describes in detail why she wants Tery dead.

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And my kids. Cynthia describes the home she shared with her husband in detail and even asks the 'killer' to make it look like suicide. She believes the hit will be carried out in the next 24 hours and when police show up at her home after she's been told her husband is dead, she's outside, smoking a cigarette,.

Initially officers told Cynthia they were there to tell her her ex-husband was dead and could she go to the station with them to dientify him. He is now faced with the task of trying to move on with his life after his ex-wife tried to kill him. After being married for 37 years, Ben suddenly dumped his wife Anne and left her for his much younger secretary with whom he had been having a secret affair. His new girlfriend demanded that she and Ben live together in the large house where Ben had previously lived with his wife.

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And thanks to his skilled lawyers, Ben managed to get the house in the divorce. He gave his ex-wife, Anne, only three days to move out. The next day, she called two moving guys who came over and moved all of her stuff to her new home. After she finished eating, she went into every room in the house and stuffed leftover shrimp into the bottom of the curtains.

Then she cleaned up the kitchen for the last time and left the home she where she had spent 37 years of her life. When Ben moved into the house with his new girlfriend everything was perfect for the first few days. But slowly, an unpleasant odor began to spread throughout the house. They checked all the vents to make sure there were no dead mice and scrubbed every carpet in the house.

They also installed air purifiers everywhere.

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The damages caused by it are even worse than the act itself since they're long-lasting and cut really deep. People do crazy things when they get emotional, that's why you shouldn't act surprised if your partner unleashes the dragon on you after finding out what you did, it's simply a translation of the pain and suffering you made them go through. Years later they are married with 2 kids and we reconnect, have an affair. I convince him to leave his wife for me, which he does.

Then I dumped him as soon as the divorce was final. Shitty, I know. When I left I poured laxatives in every single bottle of booze he had and gave his secret stash of cocaine away. This was in Australia where neither of those things are cheap.

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She was killed in a car crash two weeks later. It was the last thing I said to her. He cheated on me, so I was planning on just throwing them away, but instead I mailed them back. He deserved it. Yes she deserved it, she cheated on me. And her sister was WAY better in bed.

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Then I changed her password to her email. She called me and pleaded to bring it down since she was friends with religious members from her church. I laughed and told that bitch to go to church. He had dumped me three days before when I told him about a positive pregnancy test. It later turned out to be a false positive, but I was nineteen and scared as hell, and he had not picked up the phone or answered any texts when I was trying to reach him. I found him in the lecture and told him that I needed to talk to him urgently, and he refused to come and speak with me and told me that it was nothing to do with him at this point.

So, I slapped him, resoundingly, in front of five hundred people.

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And stormed off. You dump me via email? Saw him years later, he said he was scared by me and thought I was the Devil. She accommodated, and when she took it in her mouth, the look on her face was enough to make us even. Turns out it was her. My number is the only number she memorized.

My Ex-Wifes Revenge My Ex-Wifes Revenge
My Ex-Wifes Revenge My Ex-Wifes Revenge
My Ex-Wifes Revenge My Ex-Wifes Revenge
My Ex-Wifes Revenge My Ex-Wifes Revenge
My Ex-Wifes Revenge My Ex-Wifes Revenge
My Ex-Wifes Revenge My Ex-Wifes Revenge
My Ex-Wifes Revenge My Ex-Wifes Revenge

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