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I opened it to find a dream come true.

Revisit your personal passion to find your true self again

It was an Olympus E with two kit lenses. Jake was already dressed up in his Bob the Builder costume for trick or treating. I coaxed him onto the front doorstep. I started snapping in P mode. The color! His expression!

From Passion To Productivity: How To Build Personal Motivation Into Better Work

I had instantaneous feedback! It felt perfect in my hands. I found It! I feel most alive when I hold my camera. My senses are heightened, and I see things I would have never noticed without looking through the viewfinder. I was lucky. For those of you who can count yourselves among a group of passionate photographers, I congratulate you. Creating beautiful images is an amazing legacy to leave your loved ones. She spends her free time with camera in hand, documenting her favorite memories with photos and journaling. Myra is a regular contributor to CaptureYour I have this need to be able to create.

It is so wonderful, inspiring and life-giving to a part of this community that shares a real picture of our humanity through our shared passion for photography. Like others have said above, I wish I had discovered this passion earlier in my life. I try not to dwell too much I what I have missed. Thank you to each and everyone of you who shares a part of yourself on this journey! Well said, Myra.

We all learn from each other

I love seeing your photos, your family, your boat—all through your eyes. And what I love about our shared passion for photography is how our families can enjoy our passions as well. Beautifully written Myra. I am blessed that I have found my passion in photography.

1-6-16 Noonday Bible Study "Personal Passion for the Word"

I wish I had found it sooner in my life than I did but I am thankful that I have found it now. It brings me great joy.

Discover Your Passions

Love seeing Young J. You are spot on, my friend. It is truly a passion, one we share but I hope that everyone can find their own and feel the way we do. When I was going through my divorce I realized I had to document life with my kids to help me cope — make me do things with them when I was down and I knew photography was something I always enjoyed.

I only wish digital was big back then. I call my Canon T1i my baby — I was lucky enough to get it in after my grandson was born. This is as a result of daily practice, travelling to take lessons in order to improve as a skater and a lot of hard work. As I write this, I am working on a tv show for a special skills gig on my skates. I wish I could live off of it, but these gigs are more like special days here and there. She is in agreement that the therapeutic benefits of pursing your passion, are extremely rich.

  1. Der Soldat, den niemand haben wollte (German Edition).
  3. Reviving It.

That is definitely something we all strive for. The most surprising thing that this passion has rewarded her with is the fantastic community of women that she is now a part of. Supporting and pushing one another to better themselves, whilst also having plenty of fun along the way. In order to stay at the top of her game, Miss Cobra must maintain a high level of self — discipline, as she does not have a coach or specific training programme. Regular indoor training is not possible as there is no indoor roller rink. The regular rainfall in Vancouver can prevent her from skating outdoors, however she does jump at the chance to get out when the weather permits.

Indoor parking lots and church basements are often the only training grounds available. In spring and summer, she skates around 4 or 5 times a week.

Not to mention the road rash. To date she has only travelled to skate in the United States, pointing out that L. She does her best to visit California once a year, and she wants to experience the rink scenes in Southern states. Spain is also on her wish list as it is home to some of the best park skaters. Filming street skating scenes all over the world is something she is very open to.

At first, I was so bummed that we had no rink and I had to practice outside, but that made me try the skate park stuff which I now love. Sometimes we get a crew together and drive down to the Seattle area rinks which are a treat. She is currently a member of the Van City Skate Squad. Choreography on skates is a completely different beast, as you are rolling and therefore in motion the entire time. They have a weekly rehearsal in a tap dance studio, which is always fun. The group do a wide range of shows such as, burlesque shows, corporate events, family events, roller go-go and everything in between.

The high level of training and self-discipline has provided her with a strong base to build on. She continues to learn and develop 3 different styles of skating. She went on to explain that there are some old school rippers in Vancouver, who come from a derby background. Some of her passions have included, figure skating, acting, comedy, and dance. Her passion simply changes form. It can be very intimidating, but she remained calm and focused on her passion.

Most of the other skaters turned out to be kind, patient, and supportive. Obviously there where a few idiots, but they did not dampen her spirits. Getting good is something that happens naturally, but fun is the key ingredient. Get out there, try new things and get ridiculous. Social media is an excellent way to meet other like-minded people. Your first pair of skates does not need to be expensive; you can always upgrade if you find this is a passion worth pursuing. The ability to follow other people that you are inspired by is a wonderful thing.

Personal Passion Personal Passion
Personal Passion Personal Passion
Personal Passion Personal Passion
Personal Passion Personal Passion
Personal Passion Personal Passion

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