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In India and Tibet , painted sculptures, dance, and religious painting were done.

'Zen: The Art of Simple Living': Habits, ideas and hints for living a happy life

In China, arts included jade carving, bronze, pottery , poetry , calligraphy, music, painting, drama, and fiction. There are many Chinese artistic styles, which are usually named after the ruling dynasty. In Europe, after the Middle Ages , there was a " Renaissance " which means "rebirth". People rediscovered science and artists were allowed to paint subjects other than religious subjects.

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People like Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci still painted religious pictures, but they also now could paint mythological pictures too. These artists also invented perspective where things in the distance look smaller in the picture. This was new because in the Middle Ages people would paint all the figures close up and just overlapping each other.

In the late s, artists in Europe, responding to Modernity created many new painting styles such as Classicism , Romanticism , Realism , and Impressionism. The history of twentieth century art includes Expressionism , Fauvism , Cubism , Dadaism , Surrealism , and Minimalism. In some societies , people think that art belongs to the person who made it. They think that the artist put his or her " talent " and industry into the art. In this view, the art is the property of the artist, protected by copyright.

In other societies, people think that art belongs to no one. They think that society has put its social capital into the artist and the artist's work.

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In this view, society is a collective that has made the art, through the artist. The functions of art include: [1].


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Simple Art in Life Simple Art in Life
Simple Art in Life Simple Art in Life
Simple Art in Life Simple Art in Life
Simple Art in Life Simple Art in Life
Simple Art in Life Simple Art in Life

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