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I was taught how to swing in my Grade 7 jazz band.

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Of course, being an avid music fan, I had listened to lots of music with swing, but up until that point, I never had a name for it. Perhaps you had a similar experience: swing was explained to me as triplets with the middle triplet taken out. Like this:. That is basically swing. However, you may already know that this is not the be-all end-all of swing.

I feel that the intricacies of swing are rarely discussed — instead it is left to us musicians to figure out the finer details for ourselves.

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The truth is that there is no right way to swing. Just like colors in a painting or seasoning in food, swing is subjective.

Sing Me A Swing Song (And Let Me Dance) Lyrics

It comes with time and practice and a lot of careful listening. It helps to hear people who have a great swing feel play live, watch their movements, listen to them talk, and generally absorb how they conduct themselves.

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Hopefully the ideas presented here will help you to gain a better understanding of what it means to swing. Today, I want to show you how swing is much more than just triplets. If you can grasp these concepts, I guarantee it will forever influence the way you play and perceive music. Have you heard these terms before? Seem confusing?

In this example, the original triplet swing is played for a bar, and then a loose swing is played for three bars. What happened here is the triplet was moved back a bit, to further away from the next beat. This is closer to being straight.

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In this example, the original triplet swing is played for a bar, and then a tight swing is played for three bars. In this case, the triplet is approaching becoming a straight sixteenth note. Count Basie was one of the most important figures in the swing music era, and this set includes an incredible number of songs that span his career.

It could be the only Basie purchase you need to make.

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    What is this thing, called swing?

    Music Swing tunes perfect for dancers. Online Listening Here are some great practice tunes that you can play for free from Spotify:. Recommendations on Amazon.

    Swing Song Swing Song
    Swing Song Swing Song
    Swing Song Swing Song
    Swing Song Swing Song
    Swing Song Swing Song

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