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Key Scores: 5. There's no signing up. And no limit to how much is matched. Redeem cash back any amount, any time. Rewards never expire. Use your rewards at Amazon. Get an alert if we find your Social Security number on any of thousands of Dark Web sites.

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No annual fee. Our Bottom Line One of the most popular travel cards for many reasons. Key Scores: 4. Our Bottom Line Strikes a nice balance of high rewards and a big sign-up bonus with low fees. Plus earn 10X miles on thousands of hotels, through January ; learn more at hotels. After the intro APR offer ends, Our Bottom Line Cardholders can secure premium rewards with the innovative program that rounds up every point earned.

After that, the variable APR will be Citi Flex Plan offers are made available at Citi's discretion.

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Great for: Gas and U. Our Bottom Line This is the highest spending gas and supermarkets card we've come across. Over 3 million more places in the U. Terms Apply. No annual fee Cash Back rewards do not expire as long as your account is open and there is no minimum to redeem for cash back.

Our Bottom Line No-annual-fee travel cards typically skimp on the sign-up bonus, but this card delivers with its market-leading intro bonus offer, unlimited rewards on spending, and other wallet-friendly perks. What we Like: Unlimited 1. Highlights Earn unlimited 1. After the intro APR ends, Our Bottom Line This may be the most versatile and flexible cash-back card on the market. Key Scores: 3. Unlimited 1. Cash Back is received in the form of Reward Dollars that can be easily redeemed for statement credits, gift cards, and merchandise.

No Annual Fee. Get our latest tips and uncover more of our top picks to help you conquer your money goals.

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Factors to consider when choosing a reward credit card. Here are the attributes we think are important for any rewards card to have: Simple rewards programs -- Complexity often works in the favor of the card issuer rather than the cardholder. We prefer cards that have a no- or low-minimum redemption threshold. What are credit card rewards? What are the different types of credit card rewards? Cash-back credit cards These rewards programs are simple to use, which is why they remain the most popular type of rewards cards today.

Most programs use a rotating bonus category program, wherein certain types of spending department stores, home improvement stores, gas purchases, restaurants, etc. If you spend heavily in a certain category, though, these cards can offer a lot of bonus value. Travel credit cards These cards are becoming more popular for cardholders who have good or excellent credit scores. Like cash back cards, travel cards also come in two different types: Travel portal rewards cards -- Some travel cards earn premium rates when redeemed through a card issuers travel portal.

These same cards also tend to offer an extra perk in that the points you earn can be transferred to travel partners, making them more valuable for people who want to redeem points through hotel and airline loyalty programs. Statement credit rewards cards -- These rewards cards are excellent for people who like to shop around for travel deals and want flexibility in how they book travel purchases.

Which credit card has the best rewards program? Important rules for rewards cards. Travel rewards, though lucrative, usually convert into a lesser amount of cash than travel. Unless you know you will have travel expenses, a cash back card is usually a better choice. Just one or two months of carrying a balance can result in interest charges that vastly exceed the rewards you earn on your card. If you have credit card debt, a balance transfer card would be a smarter choice than a rewards card.

Be smart about annual fees -- We think it only makes sense to pay an annual fee when it pays for itself. With so many no-annual-fee credit cards offering rewards yields of 1. How to accumulate credit card rewards faster. Couple up your credit cards Maybe your credit card offers extra points on travel spending, and the issuer has another card that offers extra points on groceries and gas.

Put home improvements on the card Planning on renovating the kitchen or adding a spare bedroom? Add an authorized user This one requires a judgment call on your part. Pay your mortgage or rent with a credit card Services like RadPad and Plastiq let you pay your rent with a credit card. Pay your taxes with a credit card As of , the fee for paying any taxes you owe the federal government is 1. To recap, here are the best rewards credit cards. All rights reserved.

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Facebook Twitter Youtube. Unlimited rewards on all spending. High rewards on gas and groceries at U. Quarterly bonus rewards.

Premium travel benefits and rewards. Best Reward: Double cash back in the first year. Great For: Bonus cash with no annual fee.


Great For: Sign-up bonus and airline miles. Great For: Flat-rate travel rewards. Great For: Cash rewards program. Those who couldn't hold out for the larger reward were found to have worse life outcomes than the others. When it comes to credit card perks, cash back beats out other rewards any day in my book. Here's why I like cash-back cards much better. Travel cards typically give you a certain number of airfare rewards points for each dollar you spend, which can be redeemed for airline tickets or other travel-related expenses. Other cards reward you in "points" rather than miles, and these points can be redeemed not only for travel, but also for other merchandise or gift cards.

While each of these different cards can have pros and cons, I prefer cash-back cards to travel or rewards cards any day. Here's why. There are dozens of different credit card mileage and points programs out there, and "points" and "miles" don't have the same value from one card to another. All of this can make it really hard to figure out which rewards programs provide the best bang for your buck. And knowing the value of rewards can be extremely important when you're considering a card with an annual fee, as you need to figure out whether you'll earn enough rewards to offset the cost.

When you opt for a card that rewards you in points or miles, you need to redeem them for something.

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With most rewards cards, you can get better value if you use your points or miles in specific ways, such as booking flights with a certain airline or booking travel through your card issuer's online platform. Unfortunately, this can require reading confusing fine print to figure out how to use your rewards in the smartest way possible.

The Reward of the Fool The Reward of the Fool
The Reward of the Fool The Reward of the Fool
The Reward of the Fool The Reward of the Fool
The Reward of the Fool The Reward of the Fool
The Reward of the Fool The Reward of the Fool
The Reward of the Fool The Reward of the Fool
The Reward of the Fool The Reward of the Fool
The Reward of the Fool The Reward of the Fool
The Reward of the Fool The Reward of the Fool

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