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Friday, Sept. That career incudes lots of Springsteen material. Lopez and Federici, who had just ended a run with Bill Chinnock, were free agents in the late s when they met a teenage Springsteen. So Bruce said, 'Yeah, I write songs.

Watch Bruce Springsteen Perform at Asbury Park Music Festival in New Jersey

The rest is history. Lopez was often mistaken for Springsteen, thanks in part to his positioning in early E Street Band publicity photos.

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I might have some time soon. Open, has a steady stream of gigs these days with the Wonderful Winos, also featuring Gary Cavico. He came out and played it with us and had a good old time. I was lucky enough to go backstage for a little white and said a quick hello to Southside Johnny, who was also performing at the Holiday Show. Of course, Southside was his usual self, cracking jokes and asking me more questions than I asked him. It was very funny.

But when it came to meeting Bruce, things got a little sketchy. Apparently he was struggling from a bad cold, but he still took time between the sound check and the show to meet me. He was very kind but a little shocked that such a small person from Texas had such a big idea.

Bruce Springsteen/Southside Johnny (Upstage All-Stars) - "Mojo Workin'" - Asbury Park, NJ - 4/21/17

And he told me that he wanted to meet with me some other time to talk about the project. But the show was great, and it gave me a chance to meet a ton of people, so that was awesome. After the show I hung around and was introduced to several key individuals.

Bruce Springsteen and Steven Van Zandt star in new Asbury Park film | Louder

This Hard Land : What happened next? Carrie: Well, when I got back to my hotel I was informed that some important people were coming to meet me who were interested in helping me with this book. Dan is one of the most generous, thoughtful individuals that I have ever met. Ever since that first time I met Dan, he has helped me tremendously. Dan just knows so many people and he has always had so many great ideas.

Bruce Springsteen surprises fans at Asbury Park Music and Film Festival

Carrie: Really, when I think about it, I have been truly blessed by all of the wonderful and generous people who have taken an interest in this book. Both Joe Petillo and Tom Jones really gave me the strength to continue during the most difficult part of this journey. Joe Petillo, Carrie and Tom Jones. This Hard Land : What was it like the first time you got a chance to climb those steep steps and walked into The Upstage?

Carrie: You know in the movies when people finally reach the summit and they hear a choir of angels singing?

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In fact, I get a little misty-eyed every time I think of it. On my first trip, I just walked into the old Extreme shoe store with a few of my new friends. There was an older Asian man running the store and no matter what we said he simply refused to let me go upstairs. I tried everything, but he said it was too much of a safety liability for him to take a chance. Well, then I turned on the water works. I felt like I was finally getting to see what I had been dreaming about for so long. This Hard Land: What was it like up there? But what was really cool was that much of the original art was still there on the wall.

The paint was peeling a bit, of course. And there was the huge metal wall where Grandpa Tom used to put all the speakers. But a lot of the original artwork was still intact.

But really, it remains today much like it did forty years ago. All of the fixtures are intact. And we had a great time, posing with various people for photos and checking out the place.

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  5. I really hope that the new owner preserves it as much as possible. It really deserves to be preserved in some way as a museum and as a place for young people to come together. This Hard Land: That first trip must have been quite inspiring for you. Carrie: Oh, for sure. As soon as I got back to Texas, I got right to work. I started the Upstage. But one day while everything was on hold, my old high school art teacher, Paul Wilkins, and I were talking and I told him about my project and he was very excited about it. He immediately offered to help me transfer the slides.

    I would work for hours and hours on his computer until my arms were so tired I could barely lift them. Paul taught me the basics of this software program and let me go wild with it. He provided the tech support and gave me the creative freedom. I could never have done this book without the help of many, many good friends.

    April 12, 2015

    As for you, what are your plans? And what kind of vision do you have for the future of The Upstage? But I want so badly for this book to be a success, so buy a copy for yourself or somebody you love. It is a great gift and the holidays are coming up and I think anybody who is truly interested in the history of The Upstage would really learn a lot from this book.

    Filed under Books , Interviews , Music , Profiles. This place and the characters accomplished many things…In a bustling tourist town saturated with entertainment and intense nightlife, Asbury Park, like much of the East Coast, offered little to people under Because it was actually inside another club, up the road from The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, where for three extraordinary years Bruce Springsteen, Steven Van Zandt, Southside Johnny and many others made their musical mark and met most of the other musicians who would become part of the Sound of Asbury Park or S.

    P and in many cases band mates for life. The stage sat at the far end of a long narrow room. The stage had its own amplifiers and behind that stage was a wall of speakers where loud, raucous music would emanate.

    Upstage, Springsteen and Me Upstage, Springsteen and Me
    Upstage, Springsteen and Me Upstage, Springsteen and Me
    Upstage, Springsteen and Me Upstage, Springsteen and Me
    Upstage, Springsteen and Me Upstage, Springsteen and Me
    Upstage, Springsteen and Me Upstage, Springsteen and Me
    Upstage, Springsteen and Me Upstage, Springsteen and Me

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