You Cant Do Both (Vintage Classics)

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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll, illustrated by Helen Oxenbury (Walker, £14.99)

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An ingenious plan. Mercedes-Benz Classic Calendar The little brother of the powerful Kompressor. Special exhibition: 40 years G-Class. Coastal sun lets the stars shine. Complete with detailed illustrations and the happiest of endings. Crammed with the funniest lederhosen-clad animals doing all the things people do from grocery shopping to tooth brushing to flying biplanes this word books names all the people, places, and things a kid can think of.

The chaos is further heightened when Trixie, who cannot yet talk, attempts to communicate her despair with a series of meltdowns. From a windblown to-do list and an impatient gardener to a box of irresistible cookies, a treacherous hike, and a nightmare about shrinking, this collection celebrates differences and devotion. Delighted with her gift, Grandmother sends a kiss back to Little Bear via Hen, who, along the way, passes it on to Cat, some skunks, and back to Hen.

Beautifully illustrated by Maurice Sendak, this affectionate read is a perfect good-night tale. She ends up spoiling all the stories and frustrating her dad until she decides to read to him.

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The tree, who gives the boy her apples, leaves, branches, and trunk, shows the depths and sacrifice of pure love through simple prose and line drawings. Despite expectations, Ferdinand never succumbs to violence and instead reveals his gentle nature to the world.

A book for lovers, not fighters. The Monster at the End of This Book , by Jon Stone Finally, this is the original not-so-scary monster book that generations of kids have enjoyed. Grover spends the story terrified about the monster at the end of the book, begging the reader not to turn the page. But kids know better—Grover himself is the monster!

You Can't Do Both (Vintage Classics)

As a bonus, this book introduces kids to metafiction. Boats, a hungry moose, pies, moons, and his bedroom window to name a few. A simple, vivid classic about imagination, adventures, and the comforts of home. A book that broke racial barriers when it was published in , this classic still awes readers with its magical, minimalist message. The red-only-wearing, brother-scaring darling who hates naps and loves exhausting everyone makes an unforgettable name for herself in this howl that pays homage to Eloise. When Harry finds himself unrecognizable to his loved ones, he learns that being clean might not be so bad after all.

Maybe moving to Australia. A colorful, catchy, Caldecott honoree. Replete with laugh-out-loud illustrations.

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No, David! Inside this topsy-turvy book, that bursts with wild, comical illustrations, children and parents enter a world they can relate to: one where things never go as planned, but love is still in abundance. Little does Officer Buckle know that behind the scenes, Gloria is stealing his thunder! A heartwarming and hilarious story of friendship, the book also serves up lots of hidden joy in the details of its winning drawings.

May I Bring a Friend? Little do the royals know he is bringing a giraffe, but they are gracious nonetheless and continue to extend invitations to the boy, who, over time, brings an entire zoo to the castle! Jewel-toned drawings complete this charmer. Stead and Erin E. Stead An elderly man who works at the zoo always spends quality time with his animal friends.

But when he gets too sick to come to work, the animals decide they must go to him. A sweet message and woodblock drawings combine to make this must-read a must-own.

A book that reveals something new wth each reading, it is sure to delight for not just hours but a lifetime.

You Cant Do Both (Vintage Classics) You Cant Do Both (Vintage Classics)
You Cant Do Both (Vintage Classics) You Cant Do Both (Vintage Classics)
You Cant Do Both (Vintage Classics) You Cant Do Both (Vintage Classics)
You Cant Do Both (Vintage Classics) You Cant Do Both (Vintage Classics)
You Cant Do Both (Vintage Classics) You Cant Do Both (Vintage Classics)
You Cant Do Both (Vintage Classics) You Cant Do Both (Vintage Classics)
You Cant Do Both (Vintage Classics) You Cant Do Both (Vintage Classics)

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